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ENDLESS REMEMBERING: In memory of Aviva Lilia Bernado Kullberg | Makoubo Krystie


In memory of Aviva Lilia Bernado Kullberg

With such little fingers, such little toes 

Such lively eyes, a mouth so tiny and a smile so sweet 

How very quickly you tiptoed into our world

You were such an adorable baby.

Silently, only a moment you stayed.

Krystie in the Aviva Green moments before presenting the poem at the B'da Regional Hospital

We did not know why you were not able to eat

Not strong enough to laugh, dance and play

Though you had bouts of bradycardia, doctors were puzzled

They were not able to figure out what afflicted you

We wouldn’t have known that the course of our lives

Would bend to the will of these mysterious 

circumstances beyond explanation

Devastated and crushed by your loss 

You left us in the silence of our hearts

Minds lost in deep thoughts and retrospection

Housing questions without answers

Lips pressed into silence withholding memories 

That flash into reels like a black-and-white movie

The film crashed and dusty

Heartbroken doesn't even begin to describe the feeling

You died before I knew you

A relationship confined to picture frames

A girl with the blond hair and pink lips

But what an imprint your footprints have left upon our hearts

Today we talk  about the little girl who graced her frames

Like a silhouette of purity inviting strangers to seek that aura

To want to know that girl…..

To want to know little Aviva Lilia Bernado Kullberg

The great mind behind the Aviva initiative

A girl who poured love into the horizon

Dissolving the fibres of hate or discontent 

That liger in the dirty city air 

A power that clutched souls in her life and her death.

Relaying a whole community left with broken hearts 

To join and mend the break.

Makoubo Krystie | Open Dreams

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