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Empowering youths and addressing youth unemployment - UNLEASH Rwanda | Afopezi Moses

I can't contain my excitement as I share my incredible journey as a Talent at the UNLEASH  Rwanda Innovation Lab 2023!

Working in my field of expertise, the Youth and ICT track, and with a special focus on my favorite Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4 - Education), made me feel truly privileged to be part of this incredible journey.

Throughout the week, we were guided by amazing facilitators and experts from all ends of the world using the Unleash Methodology, a human-centered approach in five stages: Understand, Imagine, Make, Test, and Do. It was a transformative journey of deep problem understanding, creative brainstorming, prototyping solutions, testing with users, and implementing the best ideas.

My team and I, from diverse backgrounds and countries worked on a project we named "Impactor", focused on empowering youths and addressing youth unemployment issues in Botswana. We poured in a whopping 76 hours into this project, and the end result was absolutely amazing as we pitched and got amazing feedbacks from a very experienced jury. Witnessing the transformation and deepening my understanding of user-centric development was an incredible journey. I am genuinely amazed by what we achieved!

Armed with the invaluable skills I gained during this unforgettable experience, I am excited to channel my passion into our amazing edtech app, Skolarr , as well as all my future projects. The possibilities are limitless, and I can't wait to make an impact

I want to extend a special shoutout to Mr. Samuel James Kpartor , our phenomenal facilitator at Unleash, who tirelessly supported us and helped us unleash our full potential.

I equally want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Open Dreams, the organization that believed in me and played a crucial role in making my first travel experience a reality!  Thanks to them, I had the opportunity embark on this incredible adventure and explore the world!

-Afopezi Moses | Skolarr | Open Dreams

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