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Campus visits to meet Open Dreams Scholars: Annika Maurer meets Kinlo Ephraim

The power of mentorship programs lies in their ability to help mentees reach their full potential and achieve long-term success. Paying visits to Scholars in their institutions has been a long-standing tradition in our mentorship program. Open Dreams Ambassador, Annika Maurer, and Open Dreams Scholar, Kinlo Ephraim had an inspirational moment in Germany.

Annika Maurer and Ephraim Kinlo in Germany

“A couple of weeks ago, Annika paid me a visit on my university campus here in Bremen, Germany, barely 10 months after meeting her at the Intercultural Competence Workshop she organized at the Open Dreams Center in Yaoundé - Cameroon. We had a very long and interesting conversation from our experience back in Cameroon and her guidance and advise for me on how to navigate Germany smoothly and much more” – Kinlo Ephraim.


Wherever we are in the world, we continue to enjoy the support of a vibrant global family. Visiting our scholars on campus and sharing the experiences is one of the most fulfilling parts of our holistic mentorship program.

Annika Maurer and the Open Dreams Family in Yaounde - Cameroon

Through Annika, an expert intercultural trainer, we have learnt a lot of lessons on the value of intercultural exchanges (diplomacy). Through productive intercultural exchanges, we build lasting connections that transcend borders and boundaries.

As professionals seeking to broaden our horizons and deepen our global awareness, engaging in cultural exchanges is not only enriching but essential in today's multicultural environment.

Annika Maurer and Ephraim Kinlo in Yaounde - Cameroon

By embracing diversity through these interactions, we expand our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and cultivate a broader worldview. Cultural exchanges promote peace and unity by fostering dialogue, empathy, and intercultural harmony. By recognizing and celebrating our differences, we pave the way for a more inclusive and harmonious society; we cultivate a more inclusive, empathetic, and united world. With this consciousness, we optimize our support for one another, as we journey on.

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