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Building a sustainable and resilient future for our communities | Nordine Shutang'21

I had an incredible opportunity to participate in the Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023, held at Institut Français, Yaounde. This yearly climate change summit, chaired by H.E Ronan Dantec, the President of the International association Climate Chance and Senator of Loire-Atlantique, was centered around the theme, "Sustainable Habitats and Climate Change in Africa".

During the conference, I actively engaged in thought-provoking discussions and gained valuable insights. One of the panel discussions I attended focused on the challenges of sustainable, accessible, and inclusive housing in Africa. Research has shown that 3 Billion people will require adequate housing by 2030. Various solutions were brought up such as integrated urban planning, public-private partnerships, and incorporating renewable energy in house construction. It was inspiring to witness the commitment of experts and stakeholders towards transforming vulnerable communities into resilient ones.

I also had the opportunity to learn about innovative building techniques like the Nubian Vault, particularly suited for the Sahel regions, through a presentation by UrbaSen. The conference highlighted the importance of finding sustainable solutions for housing that align with the unique needs of different regions in Africa.

In addition, I actively participated in a training workshop that discussed the integration of artisanal transport in the climate change agenda and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). We delved into the challenges of congestion, security, and pollution, and proposed solutions such as utilizing cleaner engines and fuels, embracing flexible transport modes, and ensuring regular data updates.

Another panel discussion focused on green and inclusive mobility in Africa, highlighting the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) model in which 1 bus of 80 places replaces 16 taxis of 5 places each to solve overcrowding issues and reduce pollution currently practiced in South Africa and Tanzania. It was enlightening to explore ways to promote green and inclusive mobility in Africa.

As a take home message: Adaptation Finance is the key solution to tackling the climate crisis. The importance of projects tailored to the specific needs of communities was emphasized, highlighting the significance of addressing local challenges and promoting community resilience.

Furthermore, the conference provided me with a platform to showcase my own project on the Design and Fabrication of an Automatic Heating and Lighting System for Brooding 1-3 weeks old chicks. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with potential funders, mentors, and collaborators who showed genuine interest in my work.

Additionally, I had the chance to share the mission, vision, and challenges of YOUTH EMPOWERMENT CAMEROON, an organization I volunteer for, with key stakeholders. This opened up exciting partnership opportunities and expanded my network of like-minded individuals working towards climate-related issues.

Participating in the CCCA2023 was truly a transformative experience. It deepened my understanding of climate change challenges in Africa and amplified my commitment to making a positive impact. I am grateful for the knowledge gained, the connections made, and the inspiration received to continue working towards building a sustainable and resilient future for our communities.

- Nordine Shutang'21

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