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Behold there comes a taxi | Precious Ngenwie'23

"I got admitted into Harvard on financial aid, Wow!"

" I entered MIT, What of you?"

"I will be taking a flight to Stanford University."

All these successes are wonderful and overwhelming to hear, but as they say, it's the journey that matters, not the destination. So what does the path to applying for a college look like?

This process is indeed a very tedious one. You ought to take into consideration information like; the best fit school, the location, and if financial aid offered, all these are crucial. What is harder, is it: the application process, or the search for the schools? Many still debate on that, but I think it’s something more different and technical.

Look at it from this point;

You are standing in a line faring a taxi, with some mates of yours. You might end up calling your destination a thousand times but no car picks you up. Your mates might arrive after you but be taken before you, you could just stand there under the scouring sun while looking at them go waving at you. Here you will have to keep the tears from falling. Then all those who were on the line leave and you're left there alone, that so long held tear finally falls, you wipe it off as soon as it does.

Finally, you're taken by a taxi, get in, and filled with joy, but before the car starts moving, a criterion is given to you: Do you have cash? You get out not fulfilling this criteria. At this point, you feel hopeless. You saw all the reasons to go back home, but when you think of the time, energy, and power you allocated to go to your destination, only then do you decide to stay and continue. Behold there comes a taxi, fashioned in all ways, from windows to tires, design and model. Once you call that your location, an

acceptance. You get to enjoy the journey with music, air freshener…

"Uhhh! I deserved it" Those are the last words you whisper as you get in. You then discover unforeseen tears of joy scrolling down your cheeks.

Going back to college application:

As we apply for schools our mates might go before us, we shall apply as a group but while seeing others leave we don't have to be scared.

Although faced with all these, what you can do is put all luck on your side and do your best in what you can control. Wake up early, take coins, leave on time, and spend less time taking a taxi. In college words, do your best in your essays, align your activities, prepare for the SAT, apply early.

You need to be ready for everything, there will come lots and lots of rejections that will break every bit of you, no matter how many times you apply, be stubborn to go home. Know that there will be a taxi that will go your way and lead you to your destination and you definitely will enjoy the best seats– VIP–view, and comfort. Only then will you realize it was worth it, once all your efforts pay off.

- Precious Ngenwie'23 | Open Dreams

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