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  • Teke Aboh, Open Dreams Scholar

The one most inspiring place!

Do I have to go through this? Is it worth my time and effort? Is there another route? These were some of the thoughts that rang through my mind while I was undertaking the Mentorship and College Prep Program at Open Dreams! I was determined to succeed; giving up was not an option. My experience at Open Dreams was the most challenging I had ever had though equally very inspiring. At Open Dreams, I developed new skills and sharpened my intellect for leadership. If you are looking forward to bringing out the best in you, then Open Dreams will make a great match!

It was at Open Dreams that I realized my weaknesses in language and organization. My greatest challenge was English language. From the 4-hour long SAT practice tests to the endless number of thoughtful essays and the ever-changing grammar gaps to fill up. I had these problems partly because I could not read fast, grasping all the details of the Critical Reading section of the SAT. With regular practice, I learned how to read fast, but the vocabulary remained a challenge. So, I learned new words everyday using flash cards and practiced a lot more on the interactive Khan Academy websites. Gradually, I was able to tremendously improve on my test scores and ranking among the top in my cohort. Besides, I had difficulties writing thoughtful admission essays. This was the result of a low mastery of the English language. So, I read admission essays of successful applicants into top-tier schools, articles, and books etc. Together with practice and corrections from my mentor and Open Dreams tutors, I improved significantly over a short time. Furthermore, I was at Open Dreams during my high school years, so the tedious work load in high school and the work load at Open Dreams were not easy to manage, so I had to work according to the proximity of my exams, sharing time according to urgency.

At Open Dreams, I had a good foundation for college success and in the long run, success in my community. I learned how to manage a tedious work load, which prepared me to handle my degree program and Pre-Med program simultaneously. Also, I acquired the inevitable Math and English skills which are vital for college. Again, I met amazing peers who inspired and encouraged me, who shared my dreams. I also learned how to be innovative, how to be a change-maker of my community, how to interact with others, and how to be successful. I cannot thank the Open Dreams Team enough for believing and investing in me and helping me to incorporate lifelong skills. After my graduation, I will support Open Dreams with resources, finances and mentorship so that others can also benefit from this amazing organization.

Open Dreams is an amazing place to spend summer. It’s a lifelong investment in oneself. If you are considering Open Dreams and are lucky to be successful in the rigorous selection process, then get ready to be challenged, get ready to grow and get ready to be better. College would have been much more difficult for me if I did not pass through Open Dreams as a mentee. When you get into Open Dreams, don’t procrastinate; put in your best, you can always get the scholarships and the financial aid if you work diligently for them; it is a matter of choice and the choice is yours!

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