All of us have the power to help others. Become a mentor and help open dreams for someone like you.

Join us an help a young, bright student find their way to college. We ask that mentors provide 1-2 hours a week to help students prepare for the SATs, pass the TOEFL, and write college essays and scholarship applications. When possible, we ask you to contribute towards the purchse of SAT materials and testing fees to help your student achieve their goals.


We don't ask much, just that you form a bond and a friendship that can change a life forever. We have no doubt all members will benefit, and more than one life will be changed.

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Genesis Nchopereu ,

Ashei University 

When I was ten, I had only three things that were important to me; our farms, my education and my dreams. I wanted to be better than every other person in my community. As I grew up, I realised that I couldn’t do much on my own. The farms couldn’t provide everything for my education or my dreams. I needed many lifts along the path to achieving my ambitions. 

I believe in the mission of Open Dreams, and this is not just because it fosters education which is the easiest way for anyone to achieve his or her dreams. I believe in Open Dreams because it provides a platform for success in the dreams of its scholars. When I met the scholars, I got inspired by their stories and the dreams that they share. Their energies are enormous and they are ready to take in all the support that they need.

 Based on my personal journey and emotional attachment to dreams, I once shared a shoe with these scholars. Therefore, as a young leader that promotes change, I have become a mentor at Open dreams in order to give back in inspiring and helping the young mentees to live up to their ambitions, and to pursue the dreams that make them relentless.

Catalina Geib,


Youth and education have always been very close to my heart. After working on a global awareness raising campaign about high school dropouts in Latin America and tutoring teenagers with Hispanic background in Washington D.C. to help them succeed in school and college applications, I decided to commit to projects that would generate a sustainable impact on society in the long term.


The concept of Open Dreams convinced me from the start because it was driven by locals in partnership with excellent people from around the world, eager to make a difference and inspire hope. Everyone knows the value that education brings - but getting that education is difficult. Yet, Open Dreams provides a strong platform that gives access to a wealth of information which these students otherwise wouldn't have received.


I knew that Open Dreams would break down all the barriers that such an arduous college application process involves - one step at a time. I am so grateful that I can be part of that! 



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