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Open Dreams is an Open Cheque - Gilbert Miki, Pioneer PhD Scholar

It was a heartwarming feeling at the Open Dreams (OD) Center Yaoundé, on May 25th, 2023. This is profoundly because of the presence of Gilbert Miki, pioneer OD PhD Scholar, who came in freshly from the UK.

After being beautifully introduced by the James Akaba, the OD Country Director, Gilbert majestically and powerfully enriched the minds of all present.

  1. The PhD scholar began by giving in actual terms the definition of Open Dreams. He said " Open Dreams is an Open Cheque". He went further to explain that the Cheque is solely dependent on the owner. If the owner writes a billion pounds, that is what he'll receive. Others may choose to write a thousand francs; it just depends on how each person is maximizing the opportunity. This therefore makes Open Dreams priceless and a hub of intellectualism.

  2. He went further to throw more light on the need for self-enrichment and capacity building. To ensure better assimilation of the knowledge he freely poured out, he decided to tell a very impactful story titled " Incompleteness' '. This story made all to better understand the relevance of preparing before time by perfecting others' imperfections. This means that we should scale up our abilities so that opportunities chase us, not vice versa.

3. Furthermore, the great Open Dreams scholar emphasized on the power of networking. In his own words he said, "Your network is your net worth". He better explained the validity of this statement by listing the benefits of a good network. Some of the benefits include potential amplification and self-upgrading. Also, he added that your good circle betters your person so that in case of any scholarship, you become the one many people would immediately think of and even refer the scholarship awarding body to.

4. Being very frank, he vehemently discouraged mediocre mindsets. Upon elaborating on this fact, he said that the world has seen enough of the ordinary and is now looking for the extraordinary. Therefore, we are called to stand out in everything we do. He made sure to clarify the difference between great things and small things done in great ways.

5. With inspirational gestures, he advised everyone to be able to quantitatively and qualitatively define his/her being. He mentioned the need for a personal development plan. Using himself as an example of him being convinced of every step he took and considering his undeniable strategic plan, he underscored the importance of being proactive.

6. With enthusiasm, he stated three words on which Scholarships find their bases which are 'Relevance', 'People' and 'Change'. Also, he made so much euphoria by mentioning the general conception of 'Luck'. However, he demonstrated how unreal luck is. He added that luck finds its existence in "Laboring Under Correct Knowledge". Being more explicit, he highlighted some key notes which include the following;

● Do not plagiarize.

● Do not be selfish.

● With scholarship, you must give something in order to receive.

● Know how to better tell your story.

● You need to be under the right mentorship and to acquire relevant knowledge.

● In as much as there is availability of givers (scholarships), you must be ready to receive.

● Do not gain present/momentary gratification and forfeit a bright future.

● Branching out is a critical aspect of life so be wise.

● The real secrets are found in the hurdles.

● Be where you are valued.

● Volunteer on purpose

● Never sell your integrity

Open Dreams is priceless; just its logo is a great representation of the bright minds and highly valued dreams desiring to positively impact the world. Open Dreams leads us beyond certificates but directs us to the path of purpose.

Everyone in this community has something special and unique to offer so develop that potential and make yourself of great service to the community.

After clarifying the doubts of three scholars who asked questions, he concluded by reiterating the need to give back to the community upon succeeding.

On the sidelines, Elvis Tata came in from Bamenda to present the Open Dreams Logo and the HALI Access Network Logo he had engraved on two pieces of wood, as a sign of gratitude to the idea of an organization like Open Dreams that is so impactful. Mr. Ebebe Daniel, the father of an Open Dreams Scholar was also at the Open Dreams Center to celebrate the high standards demonstrated by Open Dreams Scholars in academic achievement and community engagement.

The evening was crowned by a Sysy-House-of-Fame, "Shambles of a Haunted Africa" theatre performance, at the Cameroon Culutral Centre Yaounde where Gilbert Miki and many others from Open Dreams answered presented.

"Shambles of a Haunted Africa" theatre performance, Courtesy, Sysy House of Fame

- Written by Precious Andin, Open Dreams

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