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I am unstoppable - Yiviri Rasifatu

No matter how intelligent and smart you are, you may not succeeded unless you meet the right people. I spent 8 years of my career in complete darkness and it was only until 2021 that I saw light through Open Dreams. November 2021 when Open Dreams in partnership with the Cameroon Fulbright TEA Alumni Association, under the sponsorship of the US Embassy Yaounde, organized a training session for Secondary School teachers on Instructional technology marked a turning point in my professional development. It was a unique experience indeed.

During the training, I was dazzled by the energy and the commitment demonstrated by the Fulbright TEA Alumni in training teachers. I was even more awed by the way the young, vibrant and inspiring Open Dreams Scholars taught their teachers. I couldn't believe they were Cameroonians but later understood that they carry with them the Open Dreams spirit of excellence and I felt challenged. It was also very emotional and heartwarming as the female Open Dreams scholars gladly took care of my 6-month old baby I brought to the training ground because I didn't have a babysitter. I was immediately seduced by Open Dreams and wasted no time to become a member of such exceptional educational community. I had never felt empty in my life like I did throughout the training as I discovered lots of useful instructional technologies. On the last day, a presentation on the different US Exchange programs was done. I had never heard about them before then and as confidently walked out of that training center, I told myself that the training was the beginning of a new race for me so I took up the challenge.

I regret the fact that I made my post that evening only on my WhatsApp status with no archives. I posted "Thank you Open Dreams for opening my dreams and my dreams were indeed opened.

I hadn't a nanny and wasn't ashamed of coming along with my baby

In March 2022, the first opportunity came knocking. The a application for the Fulbright TEA was launched and it was time for my dreams to be materialized. I underwent the process with so much ease thanks to the impeccable mentorship offered by the phenomenal Cameroon Fulbright TEA Alumni Association, my very first scholarship application attempt was successful. Barely a year after my first contact with the Open Dreams family, here I am in the University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA as a Fulbright TEA grantee.

I had a chance to serve as a program facilitator at Open Dreams and I have also participated in several youth empowerment and community-focused programs including the Aviva Day.

With the Open Dreams spirit implanted in me, I know this is just the beginning and I am unstoppable. Very special thanks to the US Embassy, Yaounde for empowering the educators and by extension the nation.

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