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Here's to a day filled with appreciation and recognition - Teachers Day | Guilian Asongtia

Happy Teachers' Day to all the incredible educators out there, including myself! Being a teacher is not just about delivering lessons, it’s more of shaping the minds of future generations.

As the years go by, I am very much grateful to have embraced this duty. It takes a lot of passion, dedication and hard work but in the end, there’s always a happy heart when a learner is successful because of the little things you said, the impact you left on them consciously or unconsciously.

On this day, I am particularly grateful to the teachers who inspired me or influenced my journey in one way or another. I maybe did not have plans of being a teacher when they taught me, but today I look up to becoming the kind of teacher that they were to us. Teachers who made a positive impact on our lives and empowered us to reach our full potential. Teachers in the like of Joseph Mungwa, Bolinji Isaac, Akisah Elvis and many more not in this space. I am forever grateful to you all for being selfless teachers and for doing your your best with the resources at your disposal to guarantee access to #qualityeducation.

I am also grateful to Open Dreams organization through which I have connected to amazing teachers whose walk inspire me to be a better teacher everyday, people like Loveline M Chiaga, Ngolefac Emmanuel, Sam Canisius Asimbong, Ndolo Lydia, Akaba James,….. Seeing the work you do to improve quality education keeps me in awe. Here's to a day filled with appreciation and recognition for the incredible work that we do.

Keep educating, inspiring and transforming the lives.

Happy Teachers' Day!

- Guilian Asongtia | Open Dreams #HappyTeachersDay #QualityEducation

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