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A Poem by Emmanuel Kum, for the 10th Anniversary of Open Dreams

Ten years have passed since Open Dreams was born,

A noble mission to be fulfilled with a heart so warm,

To equalize access to quality education for all,

A dream that's worth fighting for, standing tall.

From the very beginning, the journey was tough,

But with every step, the team proved to be enough,

To overcome the challenges, to break down the walls,

And to empower young minds with knowledge that enthralls.

The passion, the dedication, and the hard work,

Are the pillars that made Open Dreams a success story that lurks,

In the hearts of those who believe in the power of education,

And the impact it has on shaping a nation.

Ten years of transforming lives and creating opportunities,

Ten years of spreading hope and breaking down inequalities,

Ten years of making a difference in the lives of many,

Ten years of fulfilling dreams that were once just a fantasy.

Through your initiatives and programs,

You’ve opened doors to countless young minds,

Providing them with opportunities and chances,

To break free from the shackles of circumstances.

Here's to Open Dreams, on its 10th anniversary,

For being a beacon of hope, a symbol of bravery,

For inspiring us to dream big and reach for the stars,

And for reminding us that education can break all bars;

May your light continue to shine bright and strong,

May your mission always remain true and long,

May you continue to empower young minds,

And may your legacy forever be enshrined.

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ngwah Nelson
ngwah Nelson
25 jun 2023

Waw that is amazing

Me gusta
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