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  • Akaba James, The Open Dreams Team

Open Dreams at the Youth Connekt Program

In the heart of the Youth Connekt Cameroon Program in Yaounde, organized by the United Nations Cameroon and the Ministry of Youth Affairs, a team of Ministers including the Minister of Higher Education visited the Open Dreams Stand, to learn about our operations in Equalizing Access to Educational Opportunities.

The Ministers and their entourage were received by Open Dreams Scholars who shared their first-hand experiences making use of digital technologies to access educational opportunities as academically high-achieving (outstanding) students and how they plan to pursue quality education (SDG#4) for sustainable development, acquiring relevant problem-solving skills, global awareness and hence optimizing their potential (human capital) to be more involved with their communities in development efforts and in addressing social challenges as well as raising the community standards, the human development Index, reducing inequalities and promoting access and equal opportunities to all.

We are determined to push the frontiers of our academic and leadership ambitions beyond the traditional norm to bring about the change we dream of. "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today". - Malcolm X.

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