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  • Aliceson Enonchong, Open Dreams Scholar

Think about it

They cover it up because they don‟t believe in themselves. They think they‟re not good enough; they are being fooled into thinking that the artificial stuff will make it better but at the end of the day they only feel worst. This then leads them to use more of the artificial stuff, and the cycle goes on.

Over the past years we have noticed an increase in products that make us believe that it‟s okay not to love ourselves because there is a quick solution; all the refined makeup products, machines and creams to change our skin tone, advanced plastic surgery, you can name the rest.

People don‟t even want to be themselves any longer because society has placed labels on them and society dictates what behaviour is "proper and prim‟. We don‟t need to go far to notice this 'cuz it‟s everywhere around us'. Just search your mind and you‟ll realise how many people around you can‟t do without makeup, decolorize their skin, and so on.

It shouldn't be so. There‟s a potential in each and every one of us, it‟s hidden right there. You don‟t need the 20 inches of makeup to be beautiful because you‟re amazing just the way you are. They don‟t like your colour? Fine, you‟re not born for them. You‟re born to be you and you ought to do that the best way you can. Stop trying to follow society and trends; it‟s exhausting because society itself is confused; labels change as often as the amount of times we breathe. So just be you. Love yourself; it‟s worth every bit of it.

I‟m not against the makeup and all, but at the end of the day, without the gold and blink, have the courage to stand up and say.

I Am ME and I Love ME!

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