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LeadHerShip Coaching

Helping women* lead with peace, balance, and purpose.

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We are the change
we want to see
in the World.

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We believe that women* are our present and our future.

Our LeadHer Ship Coaching program is designed to give us the confidence and inner wisdom to get us there.


 Designed to support women*, leaders, and current and aspiring entrepreneurs, our 6 month coaching program helps our female* leaders find the inner strength, confidence, and wisdom they need to make change both in their communities and in their lives.


We work with inspired individuals who can see where they want to get, but often stumble along the way with self-doubt, indecision, work/life balance, or the pressure of mounting societal, familial, and cultural expectations.

We also help those walking through all levels of loss to find light, peace, and purpose for the precious time they still have here.


How do we get there?

Our LeadHer Ship Coaching Program takes place over 6 months. It includes 10-12 sessions that are 60-90 minutes in length. During these sessions, we will use integral coaching techniques to listen deeply to your presenting issue(s), try our best to step into your world and life and see things from your perspective, and help you find ways to make actionable change in your life.

With your guidance, we will develop an Action Plan that contains valuable practices, self reflection exercises, and resources that will help guide you in your own personal journey.

Working together over time, we aim to help you align your mind, body, and heart to achieve your own individual goals with

greater peace, balance, purpose, and freedom.

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Meet Cristina

Our LeadHer Ship program is designed and facilitated by Open Dreams Co-Founder, Cristina Bernardo Kullberg.


 A Cuban American mother of four, Cristina spent years of her life living in the depths of self doubt and harsh internal criticism. When tragedy struck and she lost her beloved daughter Aviva Lilia, she tapped into her own inner strength and wisdom to build a life driven by purpose to help free other women* leaders from self criticism and doubt. Through Open Dreams and our LeadHer Ship program, she aims to help others step into their own inner strength and power to make the changes they want to see in their lives and communities.

As a graduate of the LSE, the previous Executive Director of a leadership development B-Corp, an Obama Appointee, and the current Co-Founder of Open Dreams, Cristina knows first hand how all of these accolades can mean little, if we haven't found the peace and wholeness inside ourselves to live a fully embodied, relaxed, and free life.

She has made it her life mission to help others find greater love for themselves, their work, and all those around them. 


Designed in love of her daughter, a portion of all coaching proceeds will go Open Dream's Aviva Women in Science Fund, to support the advancement of maternal and child health in Cameroon.

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Caitlin, NYC

"I was at a very low point in my career, feeling like I was stuck in a bad situation that just kept getting worse. It was affecting me mentally, emotionally, and even physically, and I was feeling paralyzed, fearing the unknown. I was also about to turn 40! Cristina helped me to break down what was actually holding me back, focus on what I was important to me, and to build my confidence.


I always thought confidence would naturally come with age, but I've realized since working with Cristina, that it is something I need to cultivate and develop, and truly put in the hard work to maintain. I couldn't have done it without her!"

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Jaclyn, Seattle

"Working with Cristina...I realized how deeply gender norms through social conditioning had been engrained in my mind and affected my actions, self-image, and confidence on a subconscious level. I found myself realizing my routine behaviors and my lack of self-advocacy were direct results of several different circumstances and experiences throughout my life. Even more astounding, I learned that those behaviors were common to so many women because of perceived societal expectations. I learned that I was in fact my own self-saboteur in the ways I perceived what others thought or how I felt I should behave, rather than giving myself credit for my acquired skills, talents, and leadership traits. The fact that I was making everything easier for my competitors, or for those who wanted to take advantage of me, was one of the hardest and important lessons I’ve ever learned, and am still learning. Cristina helped me find my true voice, the one that cares about my well being and is kind to me, as I would be to a family member or very close friend. Many thanks to Cristina and Open Dreams for helping me recognize my true potential and the barriers I needlessly stacked against myself. "

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*we use the word women* with an asterisk to indicate that we aim to include the most inclusive definition of “women”, “woman’”,“her”, “she”, and “female.” Though our program is designed for those who have been socialized as women*, we welcome those of all gender identities.


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