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Seeds of Resilience: G3 for Peace in Cameroon | Daniel Steven Mukum

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

During adversity, there shines a beacon of hope. Join us on a journey to discover the

inspiring story of G3 (Growing Food, Growing Community and Growing Hope) for Peace, a project that's sowing seeds of resilience and rebuilding shattered lives in the heart of

Cameroon's socio-political crisis.

field inspection mission

For six long years, Cameroon has grappled with a relentless socio-political crisis, marked by violence and displacement. The consequences have been devastating, especially for the women thrust into the role of primary breadwinners for their families.

Multidimensional poverty became a grim reality as over 43.6 percent of the population struggled to meet even their most basic needs. (Human Development Reports, UNDP, 2021). This crisis gained notoriety as one of the most neglected humanitarian crises globally, leaving countless families in despair.

Steven Mukum a Sophomore at Swarthmore College received the prestigious Davis Project for Peace Award to design and implement a peace project. In the face of such adversity, Steven Mukum and his community partners, HARO (Hope and Rehabilitation Organization) and RELUFA (Network for the Fight against Hunger) and with the much-needed help form Open Dreams and its volunteers decided to act. They combined economic empowerment with the re-establishment of a sense of community.

Women were given the opportunity to engage in farming activities – their primary source of income in their homeland – while receiving training from agronomists. These activities not only empowered them economically but also helped them rebuild their lives.

Fritz Kwa Mendi, Director of HARO (first person from the left) with the team

The G3 for Peace project went beyond economic empowerment. It provided trauma healing workshops and capacity-building training to help participants recover from the trauma of the crisis. By creating a safe space and fostering ties within the community, G3 for Peace aimed to heal not just individual wounds but the collective spirit of the affected population.

This project didn't just provide immediate relief; it planted the seeds of long-term change. By addressing the needs of the displaced women, G3 for Peace is helping rebuild fractured communities and alleviate poverty. With the support of local partners and volunteers, the project is set to provide food and income for 15 families, impacting the lives of over 75 individuals.

While G3 for Peace faced its share of challenges, it proved that grassroots initiatives could make a profound impact on lives. The project's success has opened doors to scale up similar initiatives in other communities facing similar challenges. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of community-driven change.

James Akaba, Country Director, Open Dreams salutes the beneficiaries for their courage and praises the Open Dreams Scholars running the project for the excellence in community engagement

Join us in celebrating the incredible journey of G3 for Peace – an initiative that is not only

growing food but also cultivating hope and communities in the face of adversity.

bally, leaving countless families in despair.

- Daniel Steven Mukum | Sophomore at Swarthmore College | Open Dreams Scholar

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