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Plans underway for a Talent Assessment Clinic in Cameroon

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, the Open Dreams Scholars had the privilege of listening to a talk from Professor Humphrey Oborah, the Secretary General/CEO of the World Talent Federation, who doubles as the President of the African Federation for the Gifted and Talented. He was in Cameroon on the invitation of Education for Creativity - EduCreate, to evaluate the possibility of donating machines (technical equipment) for a gift and talent clinic to be established in Cameroon.

Professor Oborah's message to the scholars x-rayed the inefficiencies of the current system of education in identifying and nurturing talent, since every student is required to study following the same curriculum.

Professor Oborah posited that every human is endowed with his own talent at conception; identifying this early and defining leaning prescriptions for each child and providing unique and differentiated support tends to maximize creativity; such an individual will carry out related tasks with his soul and spirit. It is in this light that the clinic which will help unearth innate talents scientifically and professionally is vital. Talent assessment establishes the domain of unique natural abilities of an individual with learning prescriptions that guide his education and talent development.

Talent assessment is a key indicator of the field in which someone will be most successful. The talent clinic will also provide opportunities for adults who dropped out of formal education but have been through experiential learning in different sectors of life to get degrees from internationally recognized universities through adult talent assessment and credit transfer.

"Going beyond traditional academics to talent based learning is a lofty accomplishment Education for Creativity seeks to attain through collaboration with the World Talent Federation and the African Federation for the Gifted and Talent. Education for Creativity seeks to attain the pinnacle of excellence by building a foundation of Talent Based Learning, Scientific and Professional Assessments of talents in Cameroon" - these were the statements from the CEO of Education for Creativity, Sylvester Ngan, while commenting on the visit.

These initiatives are vital in a fast-changing world, where skills to get things done efficiently, promptly and stress-free are more important and in high demand. With appropriate talent identification and development, college graduates will stay relevant in the society and the society will witness dramatic productivity.

By Eleih Elle Etian Junior with contributions from Sylvester Ngan & James Akaba

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