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Going Green, Going Digital | Precious Andin

A Hub of Positive Transformation has blossomed in the heart of the community, Nkolbikogo-Nkolafamba. The Greens Springs Digital University is reshaping the academic landscape in Cameroon by championing independence and sustainability. Through their innovative approach, they harness agricultural products and waste to create health-enhancing alternatives for tissue paper, clothing, bags, napkins, and more. Trust me, a visit to Green Springs is a must!


Reflecting on my immersive experience at the prestigious two-day boot camp organized by this forward-thinking institution, I found myself brimming with hope for the future of Cameroon, inspired by the exemplary work of top-notch facilitators.


Let's take a moment to recap the transformative journey!

The boot camp offered a diverse and multidimensional training experience, requiring each participant to select a focus area—I chose Social Enterprise Incubation and Formation despite some initial uncertainty. As I delved into this empowering track, guided by the dynamic duo of Dr. Cendoh and Mr. Augustin Ndongmo, I realized that it was indeed the perfect choice.


What did I discover?

- The essence of Startups, Social Enterprises, and Social Incubators.

- The significance of Developing or Joining a Social Incubator.

- Strategic insights into Social Enterprise SWOT analysis (reinforcing my initial knowledge of utilizing SWOT analysis).

- The true essence of Social Enterprises.

- Techniques for effective Packaging and Marketing.

- Keys to Financial Management and Stress Management (launching a venture can be challenging, and knowing how to handle stress is crucial).


The wealth of knowledge acquired at Green Springs was immense, the networking opportunities were enlightening, and the process of project ideation became more tangible. Amidst the joy of empowerment and enlightenment, I grasped a valuable mantra that will forever shape my journey: BE INTENTIONAL!


Whatever your aspirations, approach them with intentionality; analyze the odds, embrace the challenges, understand the risks and benefits, and go for it wholeheartedly. Remember—mediocrity is not an option!


Heartfelt gratitude to Green Springs and its visionary founder, Ndi Viola, GS Vice Chancellor, Dr. Linus Akepe, and all the dedicated facilitators who ensured the success of this invaluable program.


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